Ripples on the Pond

This is a no-rules blog.  Sometimes I will tell you about my day, what I am thinking or what I have seen.  I may talk about things that are important to me and might be important to you to and if so feel free to drop me a line and add your bit as well.  I promise not to pontificate.

Sometimes, I might tell a story, or write a poem or even tell a joke but not so much really on the jokes as I hardly ever remember them – even the good ones.  I think that a first blog post deserves a poem, and logically one would expect something about new beginnings, etc, or given that transition is a key focus for me, something engaging movement.  On reading through my collection I realise that I don’t have one that fits that premise.  Instead, I will post the following:


Long Summer Daze


I love long summer days with the warmth on my face, and the freedom of my soul as I throw back my head and breathe deep.
I love coming back to life after long dark nights and the cool winter months of bleak grey.
I love the sweet juicy taste of lush summer fruit, fresh picked from the tree gently warm from the morning sun.
I love reaching out and knowing I’m alive.
I love walking with bare toes on the damp morning grass, with the scent of the fresh new day underfoot.
I love feeling I’m alive.
I love the cool of evening, when the night crickets chirp and a soft breeze blows and I sit on the porch with a lazy glass of wine and watch the neighbourhood stroll.
I love being alive.
I love summer daze.


 22 March 2004

Dulcet Duck 

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