Luscious Apricots and northern travels

I’ve thought of my blog often but since late October have not really been near it. In part, this is because with daylight saving, I have things to do in the garden when I get home from work, or general maintenance chores or just generally things that are better done in daylight and by the time I finish up, cook the evening meal, etc. etc. it is quite late and there is little time for contemplative or responsive writing.

On the plus side, I have been over-run with tomatoes and last night I picked the very first apricots from my young tree. They were so flavoursome and such a treat. They were the ONLY apricots as all the rest were lost in storms. I also picked the first of my peaches on a dainty little peach tree. I didn’t eat, but admired my cauliflower head, growing nicely and ready to pick in a day or so. I was surprised at this as cauli is a winter vegetable I think – it has certainly been growing for a long time – but it looks beautiful. I also picked a handful of beans and a cob of corn. Not bad for a very small garden which is largely grown in pots.

This morning I kissed my sleepy son goodbye and left for the airport, which is where I am now sitting. ‘Have a good time’ he muttered ‘and not too much rock’n’roll.’ ??? Not sure quite what he meant, but I wish. Today, I am off to Singapore. After a few hours, then Frankfurt. After another couple of hours then Amsterdam. I will stay put here for a couple of days before heading to Oslo and then travelling to the far North to see the Northern Lights. To say that I am excited is an understatement. Also looking forward to some reflective time away from work.

 I have looked at the weather forecast in Kirkenes, which is as far north as I will get. Minus 9 degrees, and sunrise at 10:35 and sunset at 11:40. Interesting times for an Aussie Girl still wearing the sweat of summer. But, even the cold and the dark will be exciting. Stay tuned.

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