The objective today was to start with some de-Cluttering.  If I am going to sell the house, besides the usual painting and gardening and generally making good, I need to sort out what I carry over into the next phase of my life and what needs a new home.  Really, this should apply to my computer, my office, my house and my mind.  Challenges all of them.

This morning, I was looking for a bed on the appropriate section of Gumtree, and I saw a Huon Pine Dressing table advertised – for only $170.  I have a few Huon Pine pieces of furniture and am rather partial to it.  They are all Edwardian, and all dust catchers, but distinctive pieces of Australian furniture.  I didn’t need this dressing table but at that price I couldn’t resist it.  In an antique shop it would probably sell for $500 more. I bought it.

This evening, I have also bought the bed for young Donald – just have to organise a trailer tomorrow to pick it up.  So, at the end of the day, I have two additional pieces of furniture.  So much for the de-cluttering.  However, we are taking two King Single beds out of his room and I will probably sell those, so I guess that will be two pieces of furniture less.

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