In Praise of Dumplings

Prawn dumplings have always been a favourite at Yum Cha but there are a variety of these tasty little morsels on offer – some steamed and some fried.  Avoiding fried food as much as possible, I tend to select the steamed variety.

I was delighted when I first found that Asian grocery stores were stocking a variety of dumplings and dim sum and would often take some home to drop into a soup.  On occasion I steamed them but the soup option was the easiest.  In the soup I might combine them with some cuttlefish balls or perhaps beef balls and maybe some tofu puffs.

There are now local restaurants that specialise in dumpling cuisine, and they are currently my favourite ’go-to’ for a cheap meal or perhaps when I want some comfort food.  Dumplings and chicken soup hit that spot for me.  Dumpling King on Grote Street in the China Town precinct is probably the best.  There are the usual options – in soups either with noodles or without noodles, steamed, fried and then with various stir-fried noodle dishes.  The fillings include pork, chicken, beef,  prawn and combinations of those, along with spring onions and other vegetables. 

I love the soups – delicate chicken broth with spring onions, bok choy, and then the wontons or dumplings, depending on choice.  The pastry surrounding the stuffing becomes absolutely silky in the hot liquid and delivers a contrast to the tasty filling.

Just as welcome is the price.  You can get a meal from $8.80 upwards, which is quite economical.  I know that frozen dumplings at home are probably not in the same class as those freshly made and cooked in the restaurant, but I might just have to cook myself some this evening.


This link provides a run down on the various types of dumplings that are available.

Disclaimer:  not my photo (photographer unknown) but I will provide one of my own shortly.

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