Six Word Saturday

I am a little confused about the mechanics of this but have agreed to link to Cate and the 6-word Saturday task.  OK, it’s Sunday now now Saturday but I have only just found out about the link-up.  My six words are more of a reflection of what is going on in my life right this minute, rather than describing my Saturday, which was quite a different experience.

Cleaning, thinking, too many ants.  Damn!

If you want to read more about the Six Word Saturday, there is more of an explanation here.

7 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. Cleaning is something I seem to put off too long…but once I get started I always enjoy! Ha! We don’t seem to get ants here in Kansas very much at all…but when I lived in Southern California they would invade sometimes! I hope you can get rid of yours soon. 🙂

    Enjoy your Sunday…and the week ahead! Glad you joined in on Six Word Saturday…even if it was on Sunday! 🙂

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

    • I think I am winning the ant war Linda, but time will tell if I am kidding myself. The weekend cleaning is inevitable but as I chased the ants, particularly in high places, I found more places that needed cleaning. One thing kept leading to another! I love a clean house but I hate being the one who has to do it – especially when I would rather be writing!

      I don’t know much about Kansas except that is where the little girl with the red shoes lived. Perhaps it is cooler than Adelaide, Australia. (this past week we have had several days in excess of 40 degrees C).

  2. They have nested in the walls of my house and so they are around most of the time. This year they have gone forth and multiplied and created little holes everywhere. They are in the bathroom, the dishwasher, the pantry, the bedrooms – there are armies marching everywhere. I have progressively been finding the entrance points and sprinkling that with ant-killer, even though I hate using chemicals like that in the home. I think that I have the last one now so there are just the remaining ants that are trapped inside and are running around forlornly, trying to find an escape route. It is fascinating watching the decisions they make and the paths that they decide to take. I feel really mean but progressively I am just squashing them with a damp cloth and there are only a few left now. I don’t want them creating havoc in my house but I do feel sorry for them.

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