Unsubscribing my LIfe

This is it.  I am reclaiming my life.  By default, I am subscribed to so many lists.  There are supermarkets, wine companies, coupon companies, dress shops, and other retailers.  Some I may have subscribed to and my contact details have probably been purchased by other entities..

Then there are the self-help motivators, business advisers, health and wellness gurus, lifestyle advisers – whatever.  They are the most dangerous.  I tend to scan them just in case there is a pearl of wisdom hidden within the scrolled page, something that is going to make a miraculous difference to my life and that of course takes time.

You know what?  There rarely is.  What these emails are delivering under the guise of valuable content is mostly common sense, general knowledge and sometimes totally whacky.  There’s a lot of woo-woo content that slides through the in-box as well.  It has got to the point where this content is clogging up my screen to the extent where processing, scanning and deleting them is seriously compromising my time to do important things for myself – like write my next novel or work on my new business plan.

Increasingly, business communications are being delivered via email, but I sometimes overlook important information because it is buried in the general detritus. If I don’t pay an invoice on time, that is a problem.  If I miss an appointment, that is also a problem.  I know that applying rules to the in-box can divert identified emails to specific folders but to do that you have to know in advance that it is coming.

Progressively, I am hitting the un-subscribe button.  Restaurant offers – gone; camping gear – gone; travel deals – gone; happiness skills – gone; media skills – gone; the next great business seminar – gone.  It’s too soon to see the effect but I am so looking forward to an in-box that is relevant and dealt with quickly so that I can get on with my life.

I’m reclaiming.  What about you?

2 thoughts on “Unsubscribing my LIfe

  1. I just laughed when I read this…why…because it was me all over. I have unsubscribed from a large amount but I keep those that offer value (and some do) Through one of them I discovered a gem and that’s using a program called unroll me. This program helps group those emails I select in one place, which I read when I get a chance. The ones that actually hit my inbox are the ones I need to see. Makes it so much easier.

    I also travel by tram each day, 20 minutes both morning and night – I do all my reading on the tram and articles I find that I want to read I save to a reading file on my ipad for when I have spare moments. Like waiting rooms, picking up kids and waiting in the car, waiting for my car to be serviced. Whenever I have some spare moments.

    You’re right though, its about priorities. I got addicted to Candy Crush after going overseas and playing games to fill the long hours on a plane when I couldn’t be bothered reading (which has never, ever happened before.) I ended up just cutting it out totally because I was wasting so much time.

    Also you asked how I find the hours. I ruthlessly manage my time, it’s tough but I maximise my time. I upload course material to Dropbox, both for my MBA study and my personal work on my coaching framework so I can work on them at home, at work in my lunch break or on the tram. My website design is done through Wix, so I can also access that from home or work and my 45 minutes in my lunch break is a lot of time when you add it all together in a week.

    As you said you have to keep moving forward and small steps add up. I also have an action register of every single activity primarily for my business which I need to do and also when I want to have it completed by. Happy to share a copy of the template if you’re interested in taking a look.

    I might sound slightly zealous, but I’ve wandered along for quite a while. This last year and a half has been about me getting serious about what I want to achieve and finding ways which work for me.

    Wow that’s a lot of words, my apologies for filling up your comment box 🙂

  2. Thank you for the comments.

    I think that I need to get more organised in a structured way, and also to use Dropbox more. I either drive or ride my bike to work so don’t have that reading time and lunchtimes are fairly rushed as well but I could sneak some time in there occasionally. This year has been totally dominated by family issues but I am sure that next year will be a bit more centred on my business plans. (That will be my zealous year)

    I like your idea of the business register and will get the outlines of my course modules uploaded to Dropbox this weekend.

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