From time to time, I will post details of the latest book that I’m reading.  Those who know me are aware of my associations with books.  I have access to a range that are topical and interesting.

Gap Years for Grown Ups.  I’m still reading, or rather dipping into it.  I am in love with the idea of taking off for a time – not sure how long as yet.  Gap Years for Grown Ups

There are many reasons why people take Gap Years, and they are not just the preserve of school leavers.  Some people are bored, others reach special birthdays, have a relationship breakup, jobs disappear, mid-life crisis hits or – it’s now or never.  Whatever.  The reasons don’t really matter but this book gives you valuable information on how to make it all happen.

There is useful detail on volunteering projects, as this is an activity that many adults pursue in a gap year (though you don’t have to).  The trip can take some pulling together, especially when there are the various trappings of adult life to sort out for a prolongued absence.  There are tips on travel planning, funding the trip and then managing finances while you  are away.  Undertaking paid work during the trip is one option and there are suggestions for how this can be managed.  Topics covered include looking after property while you are away, travel insurances, health issues, learning a foreign language, teaching English, culture shock and impacts on your career.  And that’s just the beginning.

The book is full of annecdotes from those who have taken the time off and lived to tell the tale.  This may have been a few months or the full year.  People of all ages and from various countries share their experiences, and then talk about the adjustment of coming home again.

This is a book that you will dip into, delving into the sections that are of personal relevance and skimming the rest.  It would be a great gift for anyone sho is obviously ready for a break or a major life change.  What would be useful would be an e-book version, though online references are given where appropriate.

Author Susan Griffith has specialised in writing about gap year travel for 25 years and is regularly cited as an expert on the subject.

Gap Years for Grown Ups is available from Bookaholics for $25.00 plus postage.

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