Barcelona and the Art of Blogging

What do you know about Barcelona?  If you are anything like me, not much more than where it is on the map.  In that case, you might like to see what Cutesuite has written about Barcelona in this blog.  Interesting art work, but I love street art anyway, and am always on the lookout for new examples.

Scrolling the blogs around me or that have similar tags, I have come across a host of fascinating information.  There are lots of cooking sites and obviously food, preparing it, photographing it, discussing it and presumably eating it are consuming passions for many.  I was surprised (naively so) at the amount of porn out there as well.  I get a lot of spam comments (all deleted) that presumably are porn Trojans.  I am so sorry for the people whose blogs are hijacked in this way.  Then there are the political blogs or those that document travels, with heaps of photographs.

Social commentary blogs can be very clever, with scintillating repartee and biting wit – often at the expense of themselves or their nearest and dearest.  The Bloggess is one who springs to mind, and she is great to read when looking for diversions whilst at work. Looking at her links, she connects to lot of like-minded blogs as well.  This is a world with networks within networks, with overlapping links that can take you both to sites full of verbal diarrhea and others with tantalising titbits.

Reading other blogs (looking for some connection really) makes me feel very unfocused in that I am not trying to be witty and I don’t have a specific theme to what I write about.  I’m more into day-to-day stuff and what is happening in the world around me, how that affects me and as a consequence how I might connect to others.  Blogging is a contradiction – a solitary exercise using social media.  You put your observations out there and perhaps you get some comments and interaction, and perhaps your words are whisper quiet, observed as the reader pauses for a while and silently moves on.

Take what you will from the words on these pages – it matters not really whether you comment or not.  If you have paused long enough to read, then that is fine.


Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great ones make you feel that you too, can become great.”  Mark Twain.

Ripples on the Pond

This is a no-rules blog.  Sometimes I will tell you about my day, what I am thinking or what I have seen.  I may talk about things that are important to me and might be important to you to and if so feel free to drop me a line and add your bit as well.  I promise not to pontificate.

Sometimes, I might tell a story, or write a poem or even tell a joke but not so much really on the jokes as I hardly ever remember them – even the good ones.  I think that a first blog post deserves a poem, and logically one would expect something about new beginnings, etc, or given that transition is a key focus for me, something engaging movement.  On reading through my collection I realise that I don’t have one that fits that premise.  Instead, I will post the following:


Long Summer Daze


I love long summer days with the warmth on my face, and the freedom of my soul as I throw back my head and breathe deep.
I love coming back to life after long dark nights and the cool winter months of bleak grey.
I love the sweet juicy taste of lush summer fruit, fresh picked from the tree gently warm from the morning sun.
I love reaching out and knowing I’m alive.
I love walking with bare toes on the damp morning grass, with the scent of the fresh new day underfoot.
I love feeling I’m alive.
I love the cool of evening, when the night crickets chirp and a soft breeze blows and I sit on the porch with a lazy glass of wine and watch the neighbourhood stroll.
I love being alive.
I love summer daze.


 22 March 2004

Dulcet Duck