Travel Writing Workshop

There has to be some sort of reward for surviving a week of above 40 degree temperatures here in Adelaide, and today it was attending a travel writing workshop.  I don’t necessarily see myself taking up a new travel writing career (it pays too poorly for a start) but as always I have come away from the day impassioned and full of ideas for different writing projects.  The last workshop that I did was writing for radio and that was enthusiasm-generating as well.  Oh for the time to do it all.  Those brain storms and possibilities are all documented and at some point I will return to them and follow some up.

Not that I haven’t been writing.  My manuscript ‘The Red Heart’ is with the publisher and supposedly is undergoing an editing process as we write and the cover is also being designed.  The release date was 14 February but that date is drawing alarmingly close and I haven’t had confirmation that it will actually be made available on that date.  Hopefully soon.  In the meantime, I need to do some more work on the sequel.  I have the general plot idea but as I am just working on the first chapter there is much to be done.

I have a short story to submit to an anthology as well.  The publisher is seeking submissions on love stories, and I have just the thing in my bottom drawer, written about some of my observations from my occasional work as a marriage celebrant.  It will need some minor adaptation to suit the submission guidelines but other than that it is ready to go.

Time is one of the most precious commodities in my life, and I have come to the decision that in the middle of the year, I will reduce my working days to four per week.  This will of course mean a reduction in income but in part I will be pulling the belt tighter and in part will be developing alternative sources.  I have started a program of study that will be the springboard for the next career change – one that will ultimately allow me to be self-employed again.  More on that later.

In the meantime, young Donald and I are travelling to Japan in a couple of months and this will be an ideal time to put some travel writing ideas into practice.  We are going to attend the wedding of a young friend and are very much looking forward to the cultural experience – as well as the food, the sights, and the adventure.  I will be writing about it here of course, but will think about other avenues in the coming weeks.  It will be such an antidote to recent drab working experiences – I can hardly wait.

Luscious Apricots and northern travels

I’ve thought of my blog often but since late October have not really been near it. In part, this is because with daylight saving, I have things to do in the garden when I get home from work, or general maintenance chores or just generally things that are better done in daylight and by the time I finish up, cook the evening meal, etc. etc. it is quite late and there is little time for contemplative or responsive writing.

On the plus side, I have been over-run with tomatoes and last night I picked the very first apricots from my young tree. They were so flavoursome and such a treat. They were the ONLY apricots as all the rest were lost in storms. I also picked the first of my peaches on a dainty little peach tree. I didn’t eat, but admired my cauliflower head, growing nicely and ready to pick in a day or so. I was surprised at this as cauli is a winter vegetable I think – it has certainly been growing for a long time – but it looks beautiful. I also picked a handful of beans and a cob of corn. Not bad for a very small garden which is largely grown in pots.

This morning I kissed my sleepy son goodbye and left for the airport, which is where I am now sitting. ‘Have a good time’ he muttered ‘and not too much rock’n’roll.’ ??? Not sure quite what he meant, but I wish. Today, I am off to Singapore. After a few hours, then Frankfurt. After another couple of hours then Amsterdam. I will stay put here for a couple of days before heading to Oslo and then travelling to the far North to see the Northern Lights. To say that I am excited is an understatement. Also looking forward to some reflective time away from work.

 I have looked at the weather forecast in Kirkenes, which is as far north as I will get. Minus 9 degrees, and sunrise at 10:35 and sunset at 11:40. Interesting times for an Aussie Girl still wearing the sweat of summer. But, even the cold and the dark will be exciting. Stay tuned.